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About Us

Madaleine's Designs, LLC promotes the art of beading not just as a hobby, but as a therapeutic tool. My company brings awareness of the peace and quiet in beading that helps alleviate the stresses of our hectic lives.

At Madaleine's Designs, LLC promotes one on one attention, conversation, and guidance thru the creative process in DIY classes. We pride ourselves in the attention to detail given to each handcrafted jewelry piece we create.


Madaleine's Designs are made with sterling silver, Swarovski crystals and semi precious stones. They can be purchased from local market events, or from my online shop. You can reach me via email or phone to check availability and pick up times.

DIY Services:

The Bead Cart - is stocked with a variety of mix media.                

          *DIY Bridal Parties - by appt.

          *DIY Beaded Jewelry  Classes 

          *DIY jewelry delivery and repairs

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Currently Working on:

PMC Creations & 

DIY Classes

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