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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What materials does Madaleine's Design use to create jewelry?

I use base metal, stainless steel, sterling silver, .999 silver, and gold foil.  Crystal, glass, ceramic, wood, and acrylic.

2. How do you know which is which?

I keep careful inventory of each material. I create each piece, so I list the materials used during the making process to I can later enter them in the item descriptions on my website.

3.Why do you work with so many materials?

I like to have a variety of materials to best complete each jewelry piece and it helps me keep different prices too.

4.How can I purchase Madaleine's Designs?

You can order online thru my website, email me at or text me via Face book at:

5. How do I pay?

I can invoice via Paypal, or you can pay directly in my website with a credit card. You can pay with cashier's check if you don't have credit card available.

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6. Do Madaleine's Designs only sale Jewelry?

No, we also offer DIY Classes and Deliver DIY Beaded Jewelry thru The Bead Cart.

7. What is DIY Classes?

You can learn basic beading. By booking lessons at my studio or locally at a coffee shop.

8. What is The Bead Cart?

The Bead Cart carries materials to make jewelry on the spot. The Cart is small so it has limitations in space. Call to book an appointment and make selections of materials ahead of time.

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