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Madaleine's Designs, LLC provides our clients an opportunity to customize their beaded jewelry. We specialize in Semiprecious Stones, Swarovski Crystals and Sterling Silver.

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I started beading as a pass-time. Little did I know this hobby would give me a chance to learn and explore the beautiful art of jewelry making. As I learned and practice every skill, I created jewelry with a variety of mix media.  This gave me experience and confidence to start my own online shop. I still carry a variety of jewelry in my store, but I am specializing on beaded jewelry in sterling silver. Giving my clients a way to personalize their purchases.

I love her attention to detail and vision. She has an eye for jewelry design. Her jewelry is good quality which is very important to me.


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Magdalena Prieto

Store Manager

At Madaleine's Designs, LLC, We create beaded jewelry on sterling silver. We promote one on one attention, conversation, and guidance thru the creative process in DIY classes. We pride ourselves in the attention to detail given to each handcrafted jewelry piece we create.

We design two collections annually and also provide beading lessons in my community .


Services are rendered by Appt. The Bead Cart  Site - https://squareup.com/store/the-bead-cart/

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