Handcrafted & Stamped Jewelry

Who we are

Madaleine’s Designs, LLC creates exclusive beaded jewelry to acknowledge the importance of handcraft and the value it brings to our lives. Our creations represent time and attention to detail dedicated to each piece. We use beading as a tool to convert stress from our busy lifestyles into beautiful jewelry.

Madaleine’s Designs, LLC was founded in 2007 and has been providing exclusive beaded jewelry ever since. Our quality materials make us a distinctive brand. We use sterling silver, brand crystals, and natural gemstones to handcraft our jewelry. We are located in Round Rock, Texas. We are independently owned and operated. Proudly trained in Women’s Leadership.

What we offer

Understated, discreet, and feminine jewelry. We design our jewelry and handcraft it to last. We offer custom hand-stamp pendants and charms. We size and repair our products as needed. We offer special rates in repairs when you prepay at the time of original purchase.

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Handcrafted Beaded Jewelry