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Instant Veggie Drink😋

I love the scent of recently made coffee in the morning, however coffee doesn’t always reciprocate. As time passes by, I notice my body’s increase in nutrition requirements. I been keeping my eye out for handy recipes and useful processes that can help me get the nutrition I need in easy practical ways.
On occasion, I do make myself chamomile tea or ginger-lemon tea however, my taste buds crave savory flavor. I have seen friends sip teas made with bullion from instant soups to make chicken soup flavored drink. I resorted to making my own frozen veggie mix. I wanted to include veggies that I usually don’t eat because I don’t know how to prepare them to taste delicious. This could help me load up in vitamins and minerals that my body craves. Also helps me use up all the veggies and not let them go to waste.

Tools: oven, large cookie sheet, food processor or blender. Other: baking paper, ziplock bag

Ingredients: veggies of choice. Carrots, Kale, Radishes, onions, cucumbers, cilantro, serrano to taste. Seasonings: olive oil, thyme, garlic, oregano, and salt. Can add other seasonings to your liking.

Instructions: cut veggies in small pieces and layout in the cookie sheet covered with baking paper. Once laid out, season to taste with olive oil and seasonings. Place in the oven for 30mins at 350degrees to cook and nearly dry all veggies.

After baking remove veggie tray. Use your food processor to grind all veggies into a paste. Add Salt to paste. Estimated 16oz veggies – I table spoon of salt. Grind and scoop the mix into your ziplock. Flatten your mixture on a flat surface to evenly distribute the contents of the bag. Once you have a full flat ziplock, mark lines horizontal and vertical to create a grid. Distinct lines will help create frozen squares to be used later. Place your ziplock in your freezer.

Making your instant veggie soup: Get a square of veggie paste from your ziplock in your freezer. Place in a large cup and add water. Warm up in the microwave for a minute for luke warm. Add more time for hot soup. Enjoy a mineral, and vitamin charged drink. Specially in this changing weather. Hope you enjoy my recipe.

Take Note: Take care to consume within a month. Freeze after each use and check your cubes to make sure the mix stays fresh.

❤️ Madaleine

Let me know how your veggie soup turns out.