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Extraordinary Present

Christmas has come and gone, but for me it was very special. I gave myself a useful and extraordinary present. You must be wondering what that present was. I will not keep you guessing. I was lucky to be able to enroll in the Bank of America / ECornell – Women’s Leadership Program.
I am glad to report that it was a unique and very informational experience. I was able to clear a few doubts in my mind regarding women in business. I had excellent trainers that helped me understand the business environment we face this day and age. This experience gave me courage to continue and pursue my plans wholeheartedly. I completed my certification on December 26, 2022. Thank you all for supporting my path in my ventures by sharing my sites, my sale comments, by purchasing my merchandise, and cheering me on. Some days is those cheers that keep me going. Here I go 2023! Madaleine❤️

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Our Days

In this day and age where all our shopping is delivered at our doorstep by Amazon and Instacart, Our bills are paid automatically by our bank thru bill pay, our visits to the doctor entails short call on the phone facetime and catching up with our family is a status on Facebook.

We are becoming increasingly isolated of human interaction. In consideration of this growing trend, I want to help provide opportunities for interaction, and creativity. I believe its important to make a difference on people’s lives when possible. “We depend on each other to stay emotionally healthy and live longer. ” _NYTimes 06/17/2017